Beijing 2014 Presentations

Beijing 2014 Presentations

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SCORAI Introduction


Invitation to Sustainable Consumption Research in China

Lei Zhang

Public participation in energy saving retrofitting China

Public participation

Social Cost Accounting Method of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Disposal and Application in Beijing

Qian qian Du

Consumption of Organic Food in China


Consumerism and Societal Change in the United States


Assessing Ecotourism from a Multi-stakeholder Perspective


Sustainable Consumption Institute Projects in China – Overview and Preliminary Findings


Systematic studies of how to optimize food waste recycling in urban communities

SCORAI Beijing

Studying Environmental Changes in Practices of Consumption: what relevance for China?

Studying Env Changes and Practices

Factors Influencing Sustainable Consumption Behavior: A Survey of the Rural Residents in China

Factors Influencing behavior

The Gap Between the Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Green Products and Their Premium in Chinese Representative Cities

The Gap

Why Doorstepping can increase household waste recycling