Workshop on the Business Opportunities in Advancing Sustainable Lifestyles in Greater Boston

The IPCC report on climate change clarifies the urgency of rapid decarbonization of the economy. Recent research demonstrates that changes in lifestyles will be needed in addition to a transition to clean energy.

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Workshop on the Role of
Cities in Promoting Sustainable Consumption

Maine, USA

(June 14)

 In collaboration the Urban
Sustainability Directors Network (USDN)].

Sustainable Consumption and Social Justice in a Constrained World


(Sep 29-30)

The workshop discussed how sustainable consumption can become attractive, as an equitable and empowering “new normal” that involves the good life for all in a constrained world. The conclusions were presented in a special session dedicated to sustainable consumption at the 5th Degrowth Conference.


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Virtual International Workshop on Sustainable Lifestyles

(October 26)

 Initiatives, Campaigns, and Messaging (in collaboration with the United Nations
Environment Program and One Earth).



“Beyond” Transition? Understanding and Achieving Sustainable Consumption through Social Innovation


(Nov 17)

SCORAI Europe and the Transformative Social Innovation Theory (TRANSIT) project are jointly organising a one-day workshop at the Impact Hub in Vienna on 17 November 2015. Workshop participants seek to contribute to theory development on and practical insight in social innovation and societal transformation.

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The Role of Cities in Advancing Sustainable Consumption

Eugene, USA

( Oct 29 to Nov 1)

 This unique event was an opportunity to examine what action cities can take to promote sustainable consumption at the community scale.

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Workshop on Sustainable Consumption Research in China


(Nov 15 & 16)

The aim of the workshop was to discuss and improve the proposed interdisciplinary research framework on sustainable consumption research in China, exchange theories and research methods, explore opportunities for cooperation and discuss the development of SCORAI China.


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Sustainable Consumption Workshop


(Sept 30 – Oct 1st)

 Its goal was to develop our understanding of innovative approaches to sustainable consumption by sharing and reflecting upon research and practice relevant to themes suggested by participants in recent SCORAI Europe workshops.

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Pathways, scenarios and backcasting for sustainable and low-carbon lifestyles


( Oct 7-8 )

A two-day workshop to exchange and compare concepts, methodologies and results of the three projects mentioned, as well as based on related research.

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Bridging Across Communities and Cultures Towards Sustainable Consumption


(June 4)

In paper submissions and lively discussions participants explored how we can better comprehend existing changes towards more sustainable forms of consumption, as well as how such efforts could be replicated across different communities and cultures.


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The good life


(Mar 20)

The workshop aims to provide a forum for in-depth discussions on the good life in the context of sustainable consumption.

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Challenging consumerism


( Mar 8-10 )

The 3rd Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI)

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Sustainable Consumption During Times of Crisis


(May 1)

This workshop was the first Trans-Atlantic SCORAI workshop.


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Socio-technical Transitions, Social Practices, and the New Economics


(Apr 15-16)

he event aims to bridge three distinct approaches to research on sustainable consumption. In the first instance, work on socio-technical transitions emphasizes technological innovation and diffusion and the co-evolution of technologies, societal institutions, and culture, but is relatively silent on economic and political context and the nature of technology-human behavior interactions.

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Individual Consumption and Systemic Societal Transformation

Clark University

(Oct 15-17)

Scientists, academics, and practitioners from across North America met at Clark University on October 15-17, 2009 to explore approaches and the potential impact of sustainable consumption at the individual and household level. Invitees to this two-day event considered challenges at the interface of material consumption, human fulfillment, lifestyle satisfaction, and technological change.

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