SCORAI (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative) is an international knowledge network of researchers and practitioners committed to building a flourishing and ecologically-sound society by changing the way we consume.

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Where is the ACTION in Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative?

by Tom Bowerman 

By the time SCORAI discussions like the most recent one peter out, when all is said and done, it appears that much more is said than done. The SCORAI acronym states “Research and Action”. As we contemplate the quantity of metals and minerals to “transition to sustainability”, where is the “action” of challenging our current fossil fuel powered growth paradigm by personally and collectively reducing our consumptive behaviors? How? Stop driving, flying. Downsize. Etc.

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Lessons from the Ground: Where Activism, Technical Analysis, and City Action Intersect

This blog is a part of the Frontier Series, a collaboration between SCORAI and the Hot or Cool Institute

by Halina Brown

I live in Newton, Massachusetts. With a population of 90,000, the city is located on the northeast coast of the U.S., a few miles west of Boston. Over the past three years I have been deeply immersed in pushing the city toward reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

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Can citizen action be effective for climate change?

by Valerie Brachya, SCORAI Board member

A blog post summary of a recent discussion on our community listserv.

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Footprint Calculator

by Cool Climate (UC Berkeley)

SCORAI recommends its members to use this footprint calculator, which is sourced from the Cool Climate Network.

Our long-standing SCORAI member Tom Bowerman has recommended it to us; he himself is a shining example for all of us how to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Recent webinars and recorded lectures:

Turning Academic Insight Into Real-World Impact

Neal Gorenflo, Executive Director of Shareable  
September 20, 2020

The Case for Degrowth

Giorgos Kallis
December 19, 2020

Can the radical reduce of products reduce consumption, waste, and even inequity?

Gene W. Homicki, CEO & Co-Founder,  
september 30, 2020

Community-led EcoCity Transformation: Developing an Urban Systems Community  of Practice

Duncan Crowley 
March 23, 2021

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