SCORAI (Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative) is an international knowledge network of researchers and practitioners committed to building a flourishing and ecologically-sound society by changing the way we consume.

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War and Sustainability: Dispelling the Renewable Energy Illusion

by William Rees

Just a few weeks ago, climate change had re-emerged to jostle with the pandemic for top spot in the public’s list of ‘things to worry about’. Mainstream media were again urging ordinary citizens to limit their use of fossil fuels– walk, cycle, or take transit to work; fly less; insulate your houses, etc…

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Lessons from the Ground: Where Activism, Technical Analysis, and City Action Intersect

This blog is a part of the Frontier Series, a collaboration between SCORAI and the Hot or Cool Institute

by Halina Brown

I live in Newton, Massachusetts. With a population of 90,000, the city is located on the northeast coast of the U.S., a few miles west of Boston. Over the past three years I have been deeply immersed in pushing the city toward reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

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Pandemics and War as Global Gamechangers

by Valerie Brachya, SCORAI Board member

Sir Winston Churchill is credited with first saying, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The Covid pandemic greatly accelerated the social changes brought about by digitalization of work, commerce and communications. Many of those are most likely to persist after the pandemic’s retreat, including: remote work, online delivery, changes in labor relations, the division of parental responsibilities, mobility patterns and consequential impacts on residential and commercial property development.

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Preparedness of Young People for a Sustainable Lifestyle: Awareness and Willingness

by Anastazija Dimitrova

 This article discusses the relationship between a consumer lifestyle and the environment. The willingness to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle was tested through a questionnaire among students of Mendel University in Brno, who are theoretically well-informed people

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Neal Gorenflo, Executive Director of Shareable  
September 20, 2020

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Giorgos Kallis
December 19, 2020

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Gene W. Homicki, CEO & Co-Founder,  
september 30, 2020

Community-led EcoCity Transformation: Developing an Urban Systems Community  of Practice

Duncan Crowley 
March 23, 2021

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