This webinar provides an overview of how innovative organizations across multiple sectors are using the platform to implement product lending, rental, and subscription services to enable
sustainable forms of product usage through reuse and sharing.

While a recent report from the UN Resource Panel found that “adopting value retention processes [like reuse] can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in some sectors 79 to 99percent,” verifying that real-world product subscription, sharing, and other reuse services do actually lead to improved environmental and social indicators is critically important.

Challenges and opportunities to conduct research with real-world usage data of products that would normally be owned by one person, but are instead are used by tens to hundreds, will be presented to the SCORAI community. The myTurn team is looking to spur research to help answer questions like:

  • Can convenient and affordable access to tools and other products reduce experienced inequity?
  • How do the social and environmental impacts (including GHG emissions) of local place-based reuse programs compare to regional or national services?
  • What are the key aspects in the design or product subscription systems that most increase reuse and reduce GHG emissions?
  • What public policies can be enacted to accelerate the move toward reuse, more circular economic models, and a real sharing economy?

Gene W. Homicki, the CEO and Co-founder of, pbc., is a practitioner in the collaborative consumption and product reuse space. He combines his passion for sustainability with his background in technology and innovation to implement scalable solutions for the common good. His company,, pbc is a for-profit, public benefit corporation (legal B-Corp) that offers a platform powering innovative services that are increasing reuse, sharing, and access to products—while simultaneously reducing consumption and waste.