SCORAI Teaching Videos

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Welcome to the Sustainable Consumption Teaching Series, where we invite researchers and practitioners in the field of “sustainable consumption” to develop short video presentations on specific themes. These videos are designed to supplement course material, either as an introduction to a topic or a deepening of a specific theme.

Through these videos, we hope to engage students at the graduate level and advanced undergraduate level in thinking critically about (un)sustainable consumption. Students will gain knowledge on a topic, but also develop thinking skills to understand the complexity and imagine sustainable transformations. These videos are also widely accessible to researchers and the general public.

We hope these videos will be relevant to any teaching exercise that engages with sustainability, the environment, economics, policy, development and/or social change, from a consumption, consumer, household or citizen perspective.

All below videos are accessible, at no charge.

FuchsPhoto Sustainable consumption corridors Doris Fuchs, University of Muenster (WWU)
lorek Strong sustainable consumption Sylvia Lorek, Sustainable Europe Research Institute, SERI
Di_Giulio_Antonietta_2014 Needs, desires and sustainable consumption Antonietta Di Giulio, University of Basel
CStrassner Community supported agriculture Carola Strassner, Muenster University of Applied Sciences
halina-2 The policy implications of carbon footprints in relation to income Halina Brown, Clark University
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sustainable consumption and social change Philip Vergragt, Clark University
lucie Sustainable consumption and social difference Lucie Middlemiss, Lecturer in Sustainability, Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds
 gordon-walker Sustainable consumption and energy justice Gordon Walker, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University
Consumption, mobility and life events Professor Henrike Rau, University of Munich
Sustainable use in the performance economy Walter R. Stahel, University of Surrey

A SCORAI Europe project, launched thanks to the support of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, sd-universities programme (2014-2016). The SC Teaching Series is coordinated by Marlyne Sahakian at the University of Geneva.

If you are interested in learning more about this series or participating in a video, please contact