Sustainable Consumption”, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), 2016-2017

The main lecturer has relocated to the University of Geneva and will be teaching « sustainable consumption and social innovation » in her new capacity.

  • Lecturer: Marlyne Sahakian
  • Program: Mandatory course towards the Masters degree in the Foundations and Practices of Sustainability (newly launched in 2015)
  • Duration: one semester; 13 lessons; Class size: approx. 25 students; 3 ECTS
  • Focus: bridging theories and practice; drawing primarily from the sociology of consumption, consumer culture studies and environmental sociology. Providing thematic introductions to sustainable consumption in relation to procurement, mobility, food and energy, among other themes.
  • Novel approach: showcasing short videos in the classroom, from the SC teaching series; engaging students in participative methods, such as visioning and back-casting.
  • Student evaluation: group written report, with a bonus for class participation.
  • Course evaluation: course will be given for the first time in Fall 2016.