Sustainability in everyday life

Sustainability in everyday life, University of Helsinki
(starting: Fall 2017)

  • Program: Masters in environmental change and global sustainability, with 1 specialized module related to sustainable consumption titled “Consumer-citizens and sustainability transitions
  • Lecturers: Eva Heiskanen and Minna Autio
  • Class size: 40 students
  • Duration: one semester; 5 ECTS
  • Focus: Students understand and are able to apply practice theory to analyse and improve the conditions for sustainable consumption. They can identify relevant everyday consumption issues that have sustainability implications. They master basic research design, data collection and analysis methods (focus on qualitative and observational methods), research writing skills, as well as group work organization skills. They are able to condense and communicate pertinent insights from their small-scale research and identify relevant addressees for their research implications. They have gained personal experience of research communication using social media.
  • Evaluation: attending lectures, reading assignments, and reaction papers; group assignments (paper, presentation and social media communication) on identification and researching of a selected consumption practice using different methods (interviews, observation), as well as reflection on the reasons for unsustainability and options for improvement.