“Supporting sustainable consumption – the role of companies”, Corvinus University of Budapest (since 2009)

  • Lecturers: Agnes Zsoka and Maria Csutora
  • Program: Marketing; graduate course
  • Duration: one semester; 2009-2013, 3 credit format; 2014 to present, 5 credit format
  • Focus: learn about different ecological impacts, in relation to consumption; also about the principles of marketing ethics; opportunities of green marketing.
  • Approach: lectures, seminars, guest speakers, visits to companies.
  • Novel approaches: role-playing in consumer right issues, system mapping and visioning, back-casting of actions needed from the envisioned future, using cards in evaluating actions and options
  • Reading materials: books by lecturers, in Hungarian, as well as articles in English
  • Student evaluation: group projects based on market research in relation to green products or green corporate strategies
  • Course evaluation: high ratings from students