Sociotechnical (re) construction of consumer society

Sociotechnical (re) construction of consumer society, University of Helsinki (starting: Fall 2017)

  • Program: Masters in environmental change and global sustainability, with 1 specialized module related to sustainable consumption titled “Consumer-citizens and sustainability transitions”
  • Lecturers: Eva Heiskanen
  • Class size: 40 students
  • Duration: one semester; 5 ECTS
  • Focus: Students are able to analyse consumption patterns in a broader socio-technical context. They are familiar with the main research traditions in science and technology studies that are relevant to sustainable consumption. They are able to use historical, statistical and media data to investigate the historical evolution of consumption and production patterns and conceptualize processes of socio-technical change. Students have experience of collaboratively investigating major ongoing efforts to change the course of unsustainable consumption patterns. They have the ability to develop researchable problems, compile answers to these problems, critically evaluate their own and others’ research findings, and identify relevant implications for policy and practice.
  • Evaluation: Attendance in class, individual papers, and group assignment.