Perspectives on sustainable consumption

Perspectives on sustainable consumption, University of Helsinki (starting: Fall 2017)

  • Program: Masters in environmental change and global sustainability, with 1 specialized module related to sustainable consumption titled “Consumer-citizens and sustainability transitions”
  • Lecturers: Eva Heiskanen
  • Class size: 80 students
  • Duration: one semester; This course is obligatory towards the specialized module related to sustainable consumption; 5 ECTS
  • Focus: Students are able to: identify, describe and critically assess the basic research approaches (economics, sociology, psychology) and main research contributions to sustainable consumption; to explain how and why different theoretical and methodological research traditions present different pictures of sustainable consumption; and to apply the different research approaches and findings to practical and policy problems and anticipate their policy implications. They have a basic capacity to develop real-world research questions and find appropriate theoretical and methodological ways to answer them. They are able to describe the skills-set of experts working in this field and can imagine what skills they themselves would need to serve in such expert positions. They can also present constructive and academically grounded criticism toward present-day sustainable consumption policies.
  • Evaluation: classroom teaching attendance and reflection, off-campus assignment, readings, and a take-home exam.