Nature, Society and Environmental Policy

“Nature, Society and Environmental Policy”, Oxford University (2002-2016)

(Course content has changed, following relocation of the main lecturer to Cardiff University).

  • Lecturer: Kersty Hobson
  • Program: Masters of Science; Duration: over one year; 30 students.
  • Focus: engage with key debates at the nexus of environmental/social sciences; understand applied practices of environmental policy and ‘real-world’ governance; develop methodological skills and critical analysis; integrate students in research projects. Course not exclusively about consumption.
  • Student evaluation: 2 x 10% of marks = ‘elective’ essays; 40% = 3 x 3 hour exam papers; 40% = independent dissertation project.
  • Course evaluation: students appreciate the teaching format, which is different from traditional lectures offered at Oxford.
  • Novel approach: 9 modules taught by 9 teachers at different stages in their careers; Research Design; Research Methods and Practice; Governance, Policy and Politics; Nature and Society; Ecological Economics; Decision Making Theory; Economy and Development; Science and Politics; Corporate Environmental Management.
  • Novel method: Some role playing is used, to demonstrate the role of ‘science’ in government decision-making process.