Current issues in nutrition and hospitality sciences

“Current issues in nutrition and hospitality sciences”, Munster University of Applied Sciences (since 2014)

  • Lecturer: Sylvia Lorek
  • Program: Bachelor degree in home economics; Non-mandatory
  • Focus: Overview of sustainable consumption literature, politics and levels of activity, and gaining an understanding on the role home economists (Oecotrophologen) can play in the context of sustainability.
  • Class size: up to 20 students
  • Content:
    • General overview of sustainable consumption priorities, indicators, policy approaches and policy instruments
    • Sustainability in the context of home economics, e.g.:
      • housing
      • mobility
      • household services
      • financial decisions
      • sustainable lifestyles
  • Evaluation process:
    • Oral presentation and essay on specific sustainable consumption issues – based on group interests and agreements during the kick-off session