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SCORAI Israel Vision Statement

SCORAI Israel is a network of researchers and stakeholders who are interested in the interface between material consumption, technological and cultural transformations, the state of the environment and human wellbeing. Our goal is to advance scientific research, to encourage interdisciplinary intellectual exchange, to inform decision makers, and to promote public discussion of the characteristics and consequences of consumer society with a particular emphasis on its effect on environmental sustainability. 

We strive to bring together researchers, decision makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders, who wish to understand the forces that drive consumer economy; to propose and analyze post-consumptive alternatives to current economic systems, lifestyles and social institutions; to offer a critical perspective on environmental sustainability and sustainable consumption in the face of new ecological threats; and to coordinate knowledge that will benefit grassroots organizations, social movements, and social policy.

Relevant topics for SCORAI Israel include, for example: ethical consumption, counter-culture practices, organizational and institutional aspects of consumer culture, prosumption, environmental politics, sustainable consumption, urban sustainability, local trade and fair trade, environmental attitudes and practices, circular economy, alternative forms of trade and consumption, and more.

SCORAI Israel aims to cooperate with other SCORAI branches on joint projects and grant applications. For more information please email


Tally Katz-Gerro, Department of Sociology, University of Haifa

Orit Rotem, Department of Geography and Environment, Bar Ilan University


Valerie Brachya, The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research

Shula Goulden, Department of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University