In his presentation ‘New Great Transition Strategies’ Douglas Holt argues that despite civil society and government devoting huge amounts of resources toward sustainable consumption and sustainable economy, their efforts over the last 25 years have failed, mainly due to theoretically-flawed models. Holt’s recent work critiques these conventional strategies, points out conceptual problems, and proposes new strategic directions.  He argues that “we desperately need strategy innovation if we are to succeed in accelerating society toward sustainability”. In this seminar, he provides an overview of two new strategies. Douglas Holt is President of the Cultural Strategy Group (Boulder, CO), Professor of Marketing at Southern Denmark University, and Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University. His paper Constructing Sustainable Consumption: From Ethical Values to the Cultural Transformation of Unsustainable Markets can be found here.

Douglas Holt’s Presentation

Douglas Holt Q&A Session

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