Recent publications and research articles on sustainable consumption

The future of waste management in smart and sustainable cities: A review and concept paper

B Esmaeilian, B Wang, K Lewis, F Duarte, C Ratti… – Waste Management, 2018
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Response of educational research in Turkey to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

M Öztürk – Asia Pacific Education Review, 2018
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) 1 3 Asia Pacific Education Review
s12564-018-9554-5 Response of educational research in Turkey to the UN Decade
of Education for Sustainable Development Mustafa Öztürk1 …
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[PDF] Connecting global emissions to fundamental human needs and their satisfaction

G Vita, E Hertwich, K Stadler, R Wood – Environmental Research Letters, 2018
Page 1. Environmental Research Letters ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT • OPEN ACCESS
Connecting global emissions to fundamental human needs and their satisfaction To cite
this article before publication: Gibran Vita et al 2018 Environ. Res. Lett …
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[HTML] Review of the sustainability of food systems and transition using the Internet of Food

NM Holden, EP White, MC Lange, TL Oldfield – npj Science of Food, 2018
… 1 The sustainable development goals focus on a number of critical global
issues, but Goal 2 (‘end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition
and promote sustainable agriculture’), Goal 12 (‘ensure sustainable …
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[PDF] Reimagining Spaces of Innovation for Water Efficiency and Demand Management: An Exploration of Professional Practices in the English Water Sector

C Hoolohan, AL Browne – Water Alternatives, 2018
… Claire Hoolohan Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Manchester,
UK; Alison L. Browne Sustainable Consumption
Institute/Geography, University of Manchester, UK; …
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[PDF] Six Questions for Food Justice

A Herman, MK Goodman, C Sage – Local Environment, 2018
… environmental. Indeed, given the importance of parallel discussions in the field of
sustainable consumption, questions of defining human needs and necessities for equitable
well-being (Gough 2017) must involve questions of food justice …
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[PDF] Thinking Outside the Box: Reducing Tertiary Packaging Waste to Develop a More Sustainable E-commerce

J Van Beek – 2018
… practical environmental or ethical solutions often result in trade-offs between conflicting
issues and result in a motivational and practical complexity of sustainable consumption
(Moisander, 2007) … sought to change behaviour towards more sustainable consumption …
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A green vehicle routing model based on modified particle swarm optimization for cold chain logistics

Y Li, MK Lim, ML Tseng – Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2018
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[PDF] Economic and regulatory feasibility of solar PV in the Austrian multi-apartment housing sector

N Komendantova, M Manuel Schwarz, W Amann – AIMS Energy, 2018
Page 1. AIMS Energy, 6(5): 810–831. DOI: 10.3934/energy.2018.5.810 Received:
12 July 2018 Accepted: 21 September 2018 Published: 28 September 2018 Research article Economic …
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[PDF] towards a sustainable food system in the lake naivasha basin, kenya

H Knaepen – 2018
Page 1. Like in other parts of Kenya, the population around Lake Naivasha produces
and consumes various indigenous vegetables, such as black nightshade or amaranth.
Despite their sustainability benefits, the local food system …
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[PDF] The effect of value perceptions and personality traits on the likelihood of using collaborative consumption services

K Sirkeci – 2018
… technology, a new way of innovative and more sustainable consumption model is emerged
namely “collaborative consumption”. The main object … But the most accepted general
definition is a type of consumerism which is including sustainable consumption in …
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Does relationship matter? How social distance influences perceptions of responsibility on anthropomorphized environmental objects and conservation intentions

H Zhu, N Wong, M Huang – Journal of Business Research, 2019
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[PDF] Crafting next generation eco-label policy

JJ Czarnezki, KI Jönsson, K Kuh – Environmental Law, 2018
present a promising policy tool in the effort to achieve sustainable consumption …
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Green supply chain management assessment under chains of uncertain indices: An intellectual approach

NK Sahu, AK Sahu, AK Sahu – Journal of Modelling in Management, 2018
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[PDF] Program for Vehicle Regulatory Reform: Assessing Life Cycle-Based Greenhouse Gas Standards

A Kendall, H Ambrose, E Maroney, H Deng – 2018
Page 1. Program for Vehicle Regulatory Reform: Assessing Life Cycle- Based Greenhouse
Gas Standards August 2018 A Research Report from the National Center for Sustainable
Transportation Alissa Kendall, University of California, Davis …
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Co-creating urban green infrastructure connecting people and nature: A guiding framework and approach

APN van der Jagt, M Smith, B Ambrose-Oji… – Journal of Environmental …, 2018
… provides eco-education and runs projects to educate people about the
importance of sustainable development including sustainable consumption,
organic food production and permaculture, To promote sustainable …
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A Wilczak – Economic and Social Development (Book of …, 2018
… The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Spring 2016, 18-47. 11. McDonald, S., Oates,
C., Young, CW, Hwang, K.(2006). Toward Sustainable Consumption:
Researching Voluntary Simplifiers. Psychology&Marketing, 23, 515-534 …
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Requirements set by Swedish municipalities to promote construction with low climate change impact

N Francart, M Larsson, T Malmqvist, M Erlandsson… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… 2008, Forsberg, 2003). The ELP was a forerunner in terms of scope, as it covered
a full life cycle and several impact categories, with the focus on sustainable
consumption at neighbourhood level. However, developers reported …
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Geographies of waste: Conceptual vectors from the Global South

N Millington, M Lawhon – Progress in Human Geography, 2018
Geographies of waste, which include examination of its flows and politics, have
demonstrated empirical differences and contrasting approaches to researching was…
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[PDF] FormAkademisk 10 år–med forskning på design og designdidaktikk

JB Reitan – FormAkademisk-Research Journal of Design and …, 2018
… In addition, she conducts research for the NFR and undertakes projects funded by the
EU in several research areas, such as sustainable consumption, service design in the
health and care sector, and participatory and sustainable urban development …
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[HTML] Willingness-to-pay for sustainable beer

S Carley, L Yahng – PloS one, 2018
Drawing insights from the sustainable consumption and ecological
economics literature, this analysis evaluates whether consumers are willing
to pay more for sustainable beer and what predicts the value of the premium …
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Exploring the relations between intrinsic motivation, game experience and player types in serious games with environmental narratives

K Gugerell, P Funovits, C Ampatzidou – … Design Theory: Using Technology and Social …, 2018
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[PDF] On Occupant Behavior and Innovation Studies Towards High Performance Buildings: A Transdisciplinary Approach

C Keskin, M Mengüç – Sustainability, 2018
With ever-increasing population and urbanization, it is crucial to decrease energy
density in the built environment without sacrificing occupants’ comfort and
well-being. This requires consideration of technological developments along …
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[PDF] Die wertbasierte Handelspolitik der EU: eine Analyse der Kapitel zu Handel und Nachhaltigkeit von CETA

A Lichtenberger, K Price, M Spinner – Momentum Quarterly-Zeitschrift für sozialen …, 2018
Page 1. *Andreas Lichtenberger, Vienna University of Economics and Business.
E-Mail: **Kenya Price, Vienna University of Economics
and Business. E-Mail: ***Marcel …
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[DOC] The Potential Use of Ecological Solid Waste Management in Nkasi District Council

NM Nkingwa – 2018
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The Role of Urban Planning in Sub‐Saharan Africa Urban Pollution Management

KGB Awuah – Urban Pollution: Science and Management, 2018
… lives and promote well‐being for all at all ages Build resilient infrastructure,
promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and foster innovation
Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable …
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2 The identity quality of restaurants

C Clergeau, O Etcheverria – Gastronomy and Local Development: The Quality of …, 2018
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Improving Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

F Melissen, L Sauer – 2018
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YS SHUEN – 2018
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Varieties of Political Consumerism: From Boycotting to Buycotting

CV Zorell
Page 1. VARIETIES OF POLITICAL CONSUMERISM From Boycotting to Buycotting
CAROLIN V. ZORELL Page 2. Varieties of Political Consumerism Page 3. Carolin V. Zorell
Varieties of Political Consumerism From Boycotting to Buycotting Page 4 …
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Opportunities and limitations of carbon footprint calculators to steer sustainable household consumption–Analysis of Nordic calculator features

M Salo, MK Mattinen-Yuryev, A Nissinen – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Keywords. Carbon footprint. Sustainable consumption. Calculator. Practises.
Nordic countries. 1. Introduction … 3. From a practice perspective, what are
the opportunities and limitations of calculators to steer consumption? 2 …
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[PDF] Mindfulness Training at School: A Way to Engage Adolescents with Sustainable Consumption?

T Böhme, L Stanszus, S Geiger, D Fischer, U Schrader – Sustainability, 2018
A central challenge in research on education for sustainable consumption (ESC) is to
develop new approaches to engage adolescents with sustainable consumption (SC)
in a way that addresses not only the cognitive but also the socio-emotional and …
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[PDF] Transition Management Applications to Accelerate Sustainable Food Consumption-Comparative Analysis Between Switzerland and Hungary

C Fogarassy, HH Nguyen, J Oláh, J Popp – Journal of International Studies, 2018
… Keywords: sustainable consumption, transition thinking, transition management,
multi-level perspective, strategic transition, tactical transition, operative transition. JEL
Classification: O13, O17, O44, O52, D12, D78 1. INTRODUCTION …
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Mindfulness and sustainability: Correlation or causation?

SM Geiger, P Grossman, U Schrader – Current Opinion in Psychology, 2018
… Highlights. • Meta-analytic evidence exists for a small, positive relation between
mindfulness and sustainable consumption. • This relation hinges … research. Potential
pathways from mindfulness to sustainable consumption. Various recent …
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Effectiveness of sustainability labels in guiding food choices: Analysis of visibility and understanding among young adults

A Azzurra, M Angela, V Riccardo – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2018
… Indeed, several studies reported that personal values 5 influence
pro-environmental behaviour, as well as ethical and sustainable
consumption patterns (Caracciolo et al. (2016), Ladhari and Tchetgna …
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[PDF] Sustainability: Assessment of green procurement implementation in the construction industry of Malaysia

NSN Ezani, AH Alias, IC Azami, S Hassim, NA Haron – AIP Conference Proceedings, 2018
… Likewise, Malaysia has developed pro-active policies which will bring about a “switch”
to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) patterns. In this context, the
Malaysia Government is conducting the framework of the …
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AL Salvia, W Leal Filho, LL Brandli, JS Griebeler – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… 11, Sustainable cities and communities, Make cities and human settlements inclusive,
safe, resilient and sustainable. 12, Responsible consumption and production, Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns. 13 …
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Opportunities and Challenges in Marketing of Organic Food Products in Uttarakhand.

R Banerjee, M Sharma – Journal of Global Economy, 2018
… 9. William, Y., Kumju, H., Seonaidh, M., & Caroline J., O. (2010). Sustainable
Consumption: Green Consumer Behaviour when Purchasing Products, 18, 20–31.
Published. 05-10-2018. How to Cite. Banerjee, DR, & Sharma, DM (2018) …
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Measuring sustainable food consumption: A case study on organic food

A Azzurra, A Massimiliano, M Angela – Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2018
… Keywords. Sustainable food choices. Organic consumers. Fuzzy set theory. Quantile
regressions. 1. Introduction. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns
is one of the goals of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (Goal n. 12) …
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The “Paris Lifestyle”—Bridging the Gap Between Science and Communication by Analysing and Quantifying the Role of Target Groups for Climate Change Mitigation …

S Schwarzinger, DN Bird, M Hadler – Addressing the Challenges in Communicating …, 2019
World society and decision makers are running out of time to implement
measures on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Incomplete knowledge
and vast challenges in communicating climate change…
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Intention to Adopt Sustainable Energy: Applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour Framework

C Srivastava, G Mahendar – Indian Journal of Marketing, 2018
… Journal of New Business Ideas & Trends, 12 (2), 22 – 36. Tanner, C., &
Kast, SW (2003) Promoting sustainable consumption : Determinants of
green purchases by Swiss consumers. Psychology and Marketing, 20 …
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Cities: the core of climate change mitigation

Z Mi, D Guan, Z Liu, J Liu, V Viguié, N Fromer, Y Wang – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
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Countries’ classification by environmental resilience

S Moghim, RK Garna – Journal of Environmental Management, 2019
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[PDF] Factors that influence the green purchasing practices among suppliers of electrical components

MR Shaharudin, AI Zainoddin, D Abdullah… – AIP Conference …, 2018
… The government efforts are apparent in the Malaysia Eleventh Plan (2016-2020) through
the sustainable consumption and production (SCP) policy that promotes economic growth
without compromising the environment or jeopardizing the needs of future generations …
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[PDF] Report of the prioritization of indicators for regional follow-up to the sustainable development goals in Latin America and the Caribbean. Statistical Coordination Group …

NU CEPAL – 2018
Page 1. Distr. LIMITED LC/CE.17/3 2 October 2018 ENGLISH ORIGINAL: SPANISH
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Understanding employees’ energy saving behavior from the perspective of stimulus-organism-responses

Z Tang, M Warkentin, L Wu – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2019
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Environmental Sustainability in Consumers’ Food Choices: An Empirical Study

Z Sharief, A Panghal – Journal of Global Economy, 2018
… Psychology & Marketing, 12(7), 595-612 %@ 0742-6046. Tanner, Carmen, & Wölfing
Kast, Sybille. (2003). Promoting sustainable consumption: Determinants of green
purchases by Swiss consumers. Psychology & Marketing, 20(10), 883-902 …
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Moving Forward in Climate Change Communication: Recommendations for Rethinking Strategies and Frames

A Körfgen, A Kuthe, S Chiari, A Prutsch, L Keller… – Addressing the Challenges …, 2019
… An ideal communicator can build the bridge between these regional aspects with the
global context” (I.2) (supported by Wibeck 2014). Mobility and sustainable consumption
were items named in this context in the online-survey (Table 7) and expert interviews …
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Public responses to an environmental transport policy in Sweden: Differentiating between acceptance and support for conventional and alternative fuel vehicles

J Jansson, Z Rezvani – Energy Research & Social Science, 2019
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[PDF] The Contributions of Marine and Coastal Area-Based Management Approaches to Sustainable Development Goals and Targets-Technical Report. UN Environment …

R Fletcher, R Scrimgeour, L Friedrich, S Fletcher… – Regional Seas Reports and …, 2018
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[PDF] Analysis of the Factors that Intervene in the Exports of Wooden Furniture and Its Impact on the Commercial Balance of Ecuador in the Period 2012-2016

MSC Jaramillo, ESS Erazo, DMV Moya, JLV Luna – European Journal of Sustainable …, 2018
… 2030 Agenda of the United Nations and accepted by more than 150 Heads
of State and Government at the Summit of Sustainable Development in 2015,
mainly with “Goal 12” in the fore mentioned agenda that talks about …
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Structural decomposition analysis of carbon emissions from residential consumption in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, China

C Wang, J Zhan, Z Li, F Zhang, Y Zhang – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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A holistic conception of wellbeing in the shift towards strongly sustainable societies

T Helne – … Sustainable Societies: Organising Human Activities on …, 2018
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The Transmission of Energy-Saving Behaviors in the Family: A Multilevel Approach to the Assessment of Aggregated and Single Energy-Saving Actions of Parents …

H Wallis, C Klöckner – Environment and Behavior, 2018
The present article examines the transmission of energy-saving behaviors in the family
on two levels. We investigated the extent to which energy-saving performa…
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The transition towards a bio-based economy: A comparative study based on social network analysis

E Imbert, L Ladu, A Tani, P Morone – Journal of Environmental Management, 2019
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Sustainable Supply Chains

A Quarshie, A Salmi, J Scott-Kennel, AK Kähkönen – … Human Activities on a Hot and …, 2018
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[PDF] A responsible proposal for Italian seafood consumers’

C Giosuè, V Gancitano, M Sprovieri, G Bono, S Vitale – European Journal of …, 2018
… Considering the “knowledge”, the criteria for a sustainable consumption are not always
clear for consumers … World Business Council for Sustainable Development. (2008). WBCSD,
Sustainable Consumption: Facts and Trends. Geneva, Washington DC, Brussels …
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A framework for sustainable change

P Heikkurinen, KJ Bonnedahl – … Sustainable Societies: Organising Human Activities on …, 2018
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[PDF] Encouraging urban planning and development practice to contribute to sustainable development. A methodology and a use case

M Angelidou, E Karachaliou, E Stylianidis – … : International Journal of Real Estate & …, 2018
… progressively, through 2030, global resource efficiency in consumption and
production and endeavor to decouple economic growth from environmental
degradation, in accordance with the 10-Year Framework of Programmes …
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Performance Evaluation of Green Suppliers using Entropy-TOPSIS-F

BM dos Santos, LP Godoy, LMS Campos – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Against Food Waste: CSR for the Social and Environmental Impact through a Network-Based Organizational Model

S Moggi, S Bonomi, F Ricciardi – Sustainability, 2018
… Advances in organization and management research on food waste would
contribute to the achievement of several SDGs [1]. In particular, the statements
relating to the goal n. 12—Ensure sustainable consumption and production …
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[PDF] Commitment to the Sustainability of Students within a Responsible Management Education

M Okręglicka – European Journal of Sustainable Development, 2018
… Adomßent, M., Fischer, D., Godemann, J., Herzig, C., Otte, I., Rieckmann,
M., & Timm, J. (2014). Emerging areas in research on higher education for
sustainable development – management education, sustainable consumption …
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Unwaged Work and the Production of Sustainability in Eco-Conscious Households

K Munro – Review of Radical Political Economics, 2018
An investigation of household sustainability production makes possible the evaluation
of the trade-offs inherent in these pro-environmental activities. The resu…
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Exploring knowledges of innovation for strong sustainability

M Vlasov, Z Vincze – … Sustainable Societies: Organising Human Activities on …, 2018
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From scarcity and market subjects to strong sustainability

T Eskelinen, K Wilén – … Sustainable Societies: Organising Human Activities on …, 2018
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[PDF] Meat, Meat Products and Seafood as Sources of Energy and Nutrients in the Average Polish Diet

W Laskowski, H Górska-Warsewicz, O Kulykovets – Nutrients, 2018
Page 1. Nutrients 2018, 10, 1412; doi:10.3390/nu10101412 www.mdpi.
com/journal/nutrients Article Meat, Meat Products and Seafood as Sources
of Energy and Nutrients in the Average Polish Diet Wacław Laskowski …
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Strongly sustainable consumption and a case of mistaken identity: a qualitative study on environmentally concerned individuals

K Wilén, T Taipale – Strongly Sustainable Societies, 2018
Most of the proposed solutions to the ecological crises mainly revolve around what
can be called superfi cial market and technological fi xes (Kenis and Lievens, 2015).
These entail a form of weak sustainability, and when dealing with consumption …
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A Multi-dimensional Measure of Environmental Behavior: Exploring the Predictive Power of Connectedness to Nature, Ecological Worldview and Environmental …

A Gkargkavouzi, G Halkos, S Matsiori – Social Indicators Research, 2018
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) Social Indicators Research
s11205-018-1999-8 1 3 A Multi‑dimensional Measure of Environmental
Behavior: Exploring the Predictive Power of Connectedness to Nature …
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[HTML] Understanding and governing learning in sustainability transitions: A review

B van Mierlo, PJ Beers – Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2018
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[HTML] The legacy of pesticides and POPs stockpiles—a threat to health and the environment

J Vijgen, R Weber, W Lichtensteiger, M Schlumpf – 2018
… He co-authored the Mediterranean action plan for sustainable consumption
and production (SCP) and the SCP toolkit for policy makers. (www. He received his PhD in chemistry …
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Including Software Aspects in Green IT: How to Create Awareness for Green Software Issues

E Kern, A Guldner, S Naumann – Green IT Engineering: Social, Business and …, 2019
… to cradle” principle. Generally, the concepts can contribute to reducing the overall
carbon footprint of ICT and to the United Nations’ SDG 12 “Ensure sustainable
consumption and production patterns”. The chapter concludes …
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[HTML] Perceived risks and enjoyment of access-based consumption: identifying barriers and motivations to fashion renting

C Lang – Fashion and Textiles, 2018
Access-based consumption, a growing trend in today’s society, provides
the consumer with an opportunity to have access to new and diverse products
without the burden of ownership. As one form of…
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Outlook: Can Environmental Product Standards Enable Eco-Innovation?

A Roger – New Developments in Eco-Innovation Research, 2018
Environmental product standards (EPS) certifying environmental product
attributes are key for fostering sustainable consumption, which is an
essential measure for achieving the Sustainable …
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Changing Patterns in Eco-Innovation Research: A Bibliometric Analysis

S Türkeli, R Kemp – New Developments in Eco-Innovation Research, 2018
In this chapter we analyze patterns in the nature of eco-innovation research.
For this, we conducted different types of bibliometric analyses on Web
of Science Core Collection data. The analysis…
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[PDF] Applying Strategic Niche Management to understand how universities contribute to the development of social innovation niches: the case of the Social Innovation …

SC Martinez – RECERCA. Revista de Pensament y Anàlisi, 2018
1130-6149 – pp. 95-130 DoI: Applying
Strategic Niche Management to understand how universities contribute …
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Case Study Reviews: People, Perspective and Planning

A Cheshmehzangi, A Dawodu – Sustainable Urban Development in the Age of …, 2019
This chapter establishes the links of sustainable development goals (SDGs)
to sustainable urban development (SUD). It briefly addresses the 17 SDGs
and key indicators used to measure the success of…
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[PDF] applying Strategic niche management to understand how universities contribute to the development of social innovation niches: the case of the Social innovation …

S CALVO – Lecturas críticas economía alternativa t, 2018
1130-6149–pp. 95-130 DoI: http://dx. doi. org/10.6035/Recerca. 2018.23. 5 applying
Strategic niche management to understand how universities …
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[PDF] Living in an Ecological Civilization: Ideological Interpretations of an Authoritarian Mode of Sustainability in China

Page 1. Living in an Ecological Civilization: Ideological Interpretations
of an Authoritarian Mode of Sustainability in China Copyright © 2018 Critical
Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines www.cadaadjournal …
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[HTML] Category Archives: Concepts

H Elliott, M Skrydstrup, M Archer
… Implemented sustainability initiatives at the Sustainable Consumption
Conference … For more information and sign-up click on “What Can the
Individual Do to help Limit Climate Change?”. Conferencemodelpilotrecycle …
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[PDF] Prioritising Barriers towards Adoption of Sustainable Consumption and Production Practices using TOPSIS

MMI Khan, MS Khan, A Haleem, MM Javaid – IOP Conference Series: Materials …, 2018
Unsustainable form of consumption and production in current business practices and
lifestyle of the consumers seems inviting problems for the planet, such as scarcity of
natural resources, environmental issues and increase in waste generation …
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Sustainability at scale: towards bridging the intention-behavior gap with sustainable recommendations

S Tomkins, S Isley, B London, L Getoor – Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on …, 2018
… 2008. Pro-environmental products: marketing influence on consumer purchase decision.
Journal of Consumer Mar- keting 25, 5 (2008). [14] Sustainable Consumption Roundtable.
2006. I will if you will: Towards sustainable consumption. (2006) …
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Recycle more, waste more? When recycling efforts increase resource consumption

B Ma, X Li, Z Jiang, J Jiang – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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B Kumar, P Sarkar – IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and …, 2018
… Mineralogy and carbothermal reduction behaviour of vanadium-bearing
titaniferous magnetite ore in Eastern India International Journal of Minerals,
Metallurgy, and Materials 20 917–24 [10] Sharma M and Rani L 2014 …
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[PDF] Accounting for Mineral Depletion Under the UN-SEEA Framework

A Valero, A Valero – Sustainability Assessment and Reporting, 2018
… This is an optimum reference framework to follow in the description of
economic valuation methods.1 In fact it is an important tool to manage
appropriate resources and thus ensure sustainable consumption and …
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Heating ecologies: Resituating stocking and maintenance in domestic heating

T Ariztia, F Fonseca, O Bernasconi – Energy Research & Social Science, 2019
… SPT has become an important analytical tool to analyze different forms of
consumption –sustainable consumption in particular- which in this paper is
understood as the outcome of the social dynamics of practices [44,24,46] …
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Designing an O2O Citizen Participation Ecosystem for the Sustainable Governance of Societies

J Ju, L Liu, Y Feng – 2018
… As sustainability is based on principles of governance (Jänicke, 2012) and sustainable
consumption patterns (Lorek & Fuchs, 2013; Tukker et al., 2008), sustainability governance
is seen as an important condition for transition to a more sustainable society …
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Policy Interventions for Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries

M Sindhuja, K Narayanan – Advances in Finance & Applied Economics, 2018
… Systemic economic instruments for energy security and global security. In NATO
Science Programme Advanced Research Workshop on Modelling of Sustainable
Consumption of Energy and Environmental Costing. Naples. Italy …
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Impact Investment and the Sustainable Development Goals: Embedding Field-level Frames in Organisational Practice

EI Castellas, J Ormiston – Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development …, 2018
… MDGs into 17 SDGs saw a greater articula- tion of what it means to ‘ensure
environmental sustainability’ (MDG 8). This expansion in the SDGs to focus
on a broad suite of environmental sustainability goals (eg Goal 11 sustainable …
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[PDF] Understanding the Concept of Sustainable Development for Effective Solid Waste Management: Malaysia Perspective

MA Abas – Perspective, 2018
… 7. UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme (2012) Waste, Division of Technology,
Industry and Economy, Sustainable Consumption, New York: United Nation …
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[PDF] Durability performance of foamed concrete strengthened with chemical treated (NaOH) coconut fiber

MAO Mydin, N Mohamad, AAA Samad, I Johari… – AIP Conference …, 2018
… Abstract. Utilization of natural fibers in the construction industry will assist to attain a
sustainable consumption pattern of building materials. Natural fibers are renewable,
cost-effective, low in density, eco-friendly, non-abrasive and readily obtainable anywhere …
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Tourism impact assessment: A tool to evaluate the environmental impacts of touristic activities in Natural Protected Areas

M Canteiro, F Córdova-Tapia, A Brazeiro – Tourism Management Perspectives, 2018
… liquids) Eutrophication (ER). Infraestructure / services / urbanization, Habitat reduction
Perturbation (P and MV), Loss (DR), Effluent pollution and erosion, Pollution (SW
and effluents) Non sustainable consumption. P: People; MV …
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Beyond Globalisation: Another Transformation of the Economic World System

K Bruckmeier – Global Environmental Governance, 2019
… In later studies, the discussion of sustainable consumption seems to change more
and more towards the interpretation of sustainability as development of
technologically guided “smart cities” and “smart” forms of social action …
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P Kalkar, A Chitanand – Management, 2018
… Global Reporting Initiative GRI (G4) guidelines released in 2013 and
downloaded from GRI website
aspx [11] GRI Standards 2016 – …
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Envisioning societal achievement and legacy of intergenerational yield vis-à-vis essential precepts for sustainability and stability of Earth’s life-giving systems

F Casarejos, JFV da Rocha – Futures, 2018
… 11, Sustainable cities and communities, Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient
and sustainable. 12, Responsible consumption and production, Ensure
sustainable consumption and production patterns. 13, Climate action, Take …
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A Multiple Framework Approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Entrepreneurship

C Pomare – Entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development …, 2018
… perceptive. More specifically, this chapter aims at discussing the challenges facing
small & medium enter- prises (SMEs) applying the goal of ensuring sustainable
consumption and production patterns to their day-to-day operations …
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[PDF] Thermal Morphology: A Geometrically Optimized Trombe Wall

E Farrugia – 2018
Page 1. Graduation Plan Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism & Building
Sciences Page 2. Graduation Plan: All tracks Submit your Graduation Plan to the
Board of Examiners (Examencommissie-, Mentors …
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[PDF] Biovoices Deliverable 3.3 Mapping bio-based products (applications) based on stakeholders’ interests

S Albertini, MMM Overbeek, AC Hoes – 2018
Page 1. Ref. Ares(2018)4441316 – 29/08/2018 Page 2. | 2 MONTH AND DATE OF
LEVEL Report 3 Public Month 08, August 2018 FVA S. Albertini, G. Overbeek, AC Hoes …
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Educating Farmers in Rural Areas on Climate Change Adaptation for Sustainability in Nigeria

B Anabaraonye, JC Okafor, J Hope – Handbook of Climate Change Resilience, 2018
… Themes such as sustainable consumption, disaster preparedness,
environmental protection, recycling, water, desertification, and renewable
energies should be discussed, taking into account their relevance in the …
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[PDF] Anatomy of a textile cluster-Problems and prospects of textile business owner with respect to business expansion and operations

N Palaniswamy, M Duraiswamy – … Journal of Engineering and Management Research …, 2018
… LeHew. (2016). Educating for sustainable fashion: Using clothing acquisition
abstinence to explore sustainable consumption and life beyond growth. Journal
of Consumer Policy, 39(4), 417. [14] Indrajit Ray. (2009). Identifying …
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A literature review of sustainable consumption and production: A comparative analysis in developed and developing economies

C Wang, P Ghadimi, MK Lim, ML Tseng – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
Sustainable consumption and production is identified as one of the essential
requirements for sustainable development. Due to different economic conditions and
socio-cultural factors, sustainable consumption and production requires a diverse …
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Sustainability of Italian Families’ food practices: Mediterranean diet adherence combined with organic and local food consumption

A Annunziata, M Agovino, A Mariani – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Sustainable consumption is growing in importance on the international agenda,
as confirmed by Agenda 2030 (goal 12), and food consumption is recognized
as a major sustainability issue due to its impact on individual and public health …
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Consumer adoption of sustainable shellfish in China: Effects of psychological factors and segmentation

O Wang, S Somogyi – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… In contrast, although researchers indicate the more important role of personal
norm (confirmed by the highest score on the standardized regression weight
of personal normal in the SEM of the total sample, see Figure 4) in leading …
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What Future for Collaborative Consumption? A Practice Theoretical Account

W Fraanje, G Spaargaren – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Fitzmaurice, 2015). The rapid emergence and spread of this group of practices and
their (supposed) promises for sustainability make collaborative consumption an
interesting topic for sustainable consumption studies. However …
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[HTML] Attentive, speculative experimental research for sustainability transitions: An exploration in sustainable eating

M Kaljonen, T Peltola, M Salo, E Furman – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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How sustainable is the sharing economy? On the sustainability connotations of sharing economy platforms

A Geissinger, C Laurell, C Öberg, C Sandström – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Urban Water Security Dashboard: Systems Approach to Characterizing the Water Security of Cities

KCH van Ginkel, AY Hoekstra, J Buurman… – Journal of Water Resources …, 2018
… Hoff, H., P. Döll, M. Fader, D. Gerten, S. Hauser, and S. Siebert. 2014. “Water footprints
of cities—Indicators for sustainable consumption and production.”.
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[HTML] Integrating Material Stock Dynamics Into Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounting: Concepts, Modelling, and Global Application for 1900–2050

D Wiedenhofer, T Fishman, C Lauk, W Haas… – Ecological Economics, 2019
… Growing political awareness to environmental-economic interrelations and
the usefulness of ew-MFA indicators are exemplified by, for example, the
United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12 on ensuring sustainable …
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Target groups for fish from aquaculture: Consumer segmentation based on sustainability attributes and country of origin

A Risius, U Hamm, M Janssen – Aquaculture, 2018
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[PDF] Sustainable Development in Geography Education for Middle School in China

F Guo, J Lane, Y Duan, J Stoltman, O Khlebosolova… – 2018
Page 1. Article Sustainable Development in Geography Education for Middle School
in China Fengtao Guo 1, Joseph Lane 2, Yushan Duan 3,*, Joseph P. Stoltman 4
,Olga Khlebosolova5 ,Hao Lei 6 and Weiguo Zhou 7 1 School …
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[PDF] Implementing the Main Circular Economy Principles within the Concept of Sustainable Development in the Global and European economy, with Particular Emphasis …

Z Wysokińska – Comparative Economic Research, 2018
Page 1. Comparative Economic Research, Volume 21, Number 3, 2018
10.2478/cer-2018-0020 ZOFIA WYSOKIŃSKA* Implementing the Main Circular
Economy Principles within the Concept of Sustainable Development in …
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An integrated decision model of restoring technologies selection for engine remanufacturing practice

S Peng, T Li, M Li, Y Guo, J Shi, GZ Tan, H Zhang – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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[PDF] Organizing the puzzle: a comprehensive and 2 theoretically multidimensional framework for 3 categorizing green supply chain practices 4

JJ Assumpção, DA Vazquez-Brust, LMS Campos – 2018
Page 1. Article) 1 Organizing the puzzle: a comprehensive and 2 theoretically
multidimensional framework for 3 categorizing green supply chain practices 4 5 Jairo
José Assumpção 1, Diego A. Vazquez-Brust2, Lucila MS Campos2 * 6 …
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[PDF] Strengthening nutrition action: a resource guide for countries based on the policy recommendations of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (‎ ICN2)‎

World Health Organization – 2018
Page 1. STRENGTHENING NUTRITIONACTION A resource guide for countries based
on the policy recommendations of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)
World Health Organization Page 2. Page 3. STRENGTHENING NUTRITIONACTION …
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Integrated impact assessment of biomass conversion systems with the method of life cycle assessment. A comprehensive review

E Tziolas, T Bournaris, SA Nastis, B Manos – International Journal of Sustainable …, 2018
Page 1. Int. J. Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, Vol.
4, No. 2, 2018 123 Copyright © 2018 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
Integrated impact assessment of biomass conversion systems with the …
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M Mahesh – 2018
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M Kruzmetra, B Rivza, D Foris – Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business …, 2018
… Culture heritage as important product of rural tourism. Rural development
and entrepreneurship. Marketing and sustainable consumption // Pro-
ceedings of the International Scientific Conference „Economic Science for …
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Green Web-II: Standards and Perspectives from the IUCN

MP Bhandari – 2018
Page 1. River Publishers Series in Chemical, Environmental, and Energy
THE IUCN MEDANI P. BHANDARI River Publishers Page 2. Green …
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PJR Sánchez, MH González, GAP Guerrero
… For Ofstad, Westly, Bratelli, Norway & Miljovern departementet (1994), sustainable
consumption refers to the use of products and services to cover basic needs and
improve the quality of life by decreasing the use of resources …
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… life. As many noted, terms relating economic growth to sustainability (such as
sustainable development, sustainable growth, and sustainable consumption) contained
a diverse intrinsic contradiction (Ciegis et al. 2009,29). Logically …
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[PDF] Redirecting investment for a global food system that is sustainable and promotes healthy diets. Economics Discussion Papers, No 2018-69

E Bianchi, C Bowyer, J Morrison, R Vos, L Wellesley – Kiel Institute for the World …, 2018
… Solutions. Volume 7, Issue 3, pp 63-73. https://www.thesolutionsjournal.
com/article/food-security-food-systems- environmental-change/ Sonigo,
P. et al (2012). Policies to encourage sustainable consumption. European …
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Carbon Footprint Assessment of Recycling Fluorspar from Waste Calcium Fluoride (CaF 2) Sludge

AH Hu, CH Kuo, CS Hong, LH Huang – Waste Management and Resource Efficiency, 2019
… Lehmann, S. (2010). Resource recovery and materials flow in the city: Zero waste and
sustainable consumption as paradigms in urban development. Sustainable Development
Law & Policy, 11, 28–38.Google Scholar. 12. Ozsvath, DL (2009) …
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Managing Sustainable Innovation

A Aagaard – Innovation Management and Corporate Social …, 2018
… Charter, M., Gray, C., Clark, T., & Woolman, T. (2008).
Review: The role of business in realising sustainable consumption and
production. In Perspectives on radical changes to sustainable consumption …
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Unlearning Abundance: Suburban Practices of Energy Descent

S Alexander, B Gleeson – Degrowth in the Suburbs, 2019
… ownership. These issues entail a critique which has been levelled at the permaculture,
ecovillage, sustainable consumption, and ‘simple living’ movements regularly, and
it has some bite in the context of degrowth too. Although …
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L Neves – Innovation Management and Corporate Social …, 2018
… the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the
World Resources Forum Association (WRFA), the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) …
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11 Technology and motives

S Otto, I Wittenberg – Energy as a Sociotechnical Problem: An …, 2018
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8 Energy system transformation and inertia in the UK

A Genus, M Iskandarova, L Champagnie – Energy as a Sociotechnical Problem: An …, 2018
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J Rinkinen – Infrastructures in Practice: The Dynamics of Demand in …, 2018
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Sustainability in Fashion: An Oxymoron?

D Berger-Grabner – Innovation Management and Corporate Social …, 2018
… Moreover, marketing communication is most effective when sustainable
consumption issues are linked to values that are harmonious and congruent
to the values the target group holds important, for instance family health …
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10 Shaping our energy future

R Hillerbrand – Energy as a Sociotechnical Problem: An …, 2018
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3 Top-down initiatives

A Chen, S Scott, Z Si – Organic Food and Farming in China: Top-down and …, 2018
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Designing for Society: Products and Services for a Better World

N Tromp, P Hekkert – 2018
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Global Soil Security: Towards More Science-Society Interfaces: Proceedings of the Global Soil Security 2016 Conference, December 5-6, 2016, Paris, France

D Arrouays, F Carre, AR de Forges, AB McBratney – 2018
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The construction of central heating in Britain

A Carlsson-Hyslop – Infrastructures in Practices: the dynamics of demand in …, 2018
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The Idea of Car Sharing as a Manifestation of Sustainable Consumption (Idea wspolnych przejazdow jako przejaw zrownowazonej konsumpcji)

A Stolecka-Makowska, R Wolny – Problemy Zarzadzania, 2018
The article presents issues related to sustainable consumption as a consumption
model that to a large extent opposes a traditional ownership-based consumption
model. Sustainableconsumption-driven behaviours include, inter alia, joint car …
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Measuring socially responsible consumption: a study of Colombia–Mexico

LE Villa Castaño, J Perdomo-Ortiz, WF Durán León… – … Revista Latinoamericana de …, 2018
… Sustainable consumption and production are understood based on the
proposal of sustainable development goals, such as the process of “’doing
more and better with less,’ increasing net welfare gains from economic …
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From Uni-Disciplinary to Multi-Disciplinary Rebound Research: Lessons Learned for comprehensive climate and energy policies

T Santarius, HJ Walnum, C Aall – Frontiers in Energy Research, 2018
… Keywords: sustainable production, sustainable consumption, energy
economics, climate policy, Rebound effect, Green growth, Post growth,
Degrowth. Received: 10 Apr 2018; Accepted: 18 Sep 2018. Edited by …
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Collaborative Consumption as a Manifestation of Sustainable Consumption (Konsumpcja kolaboratywna jako przejaw zrownowazonej konsumpcji)

A Dabrowska, M Janos-Kreslo – Problemy Zarzadzania, 2018
Sustainable consumption refers to the concept of sustainable development, and
collaborative consumption is one of its manifestations. The aim of the article is to
identify attitudes and behaviours of Polish consumers related to the idea of …
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Examining barriers to organizational change for sustainability and drivers of sustainable performance in the metal manufacturing industry

IJ Orji – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2019
… Sustainable consumption and production, sustainable manufacturing, green supply chain
and reverse logistics are all integrated parts of sustainable operations which are relevant
to manufacturing firms (Zhu and Geng, 2013; Saavedra et al., 2018) …
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Taste, Consumption and Markets: An Interdisciplinary Volume

Z Arsel, J Bean – 2018
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Mary, Joseph, alien species… Guess who’s on the beach today?“The guardians of the coast” are back again.

BA Maria, C Paolo, GG Michael, P Eleonora… – BOOK OF ABSTRACTS, 2018
… our food. In addition, attention was also focused on the sustainable consumption
of fish, to limit the exploitation of the usual species, valorizing in the recipes the” poor
fish” and species with low commercial value. Investigations …
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Green growth or degrowth? Assessing the normative justifications for environmental sustainability and economic growth through critical social theory

M Sandberg, K Klockars, K Wilén – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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An Effective Uncertainty Based Framework for Sustainable Industrial Product-Service System Transformation

JA Erkoyuncu, R Roy, E Shehab, C Durugbo, S Khan… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
… with lower service costs. For the State, environment and society, stems from functional
and sustainable consumption / production in which firms design and market results
or functions to customers. While the increasing importance …
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Prevention and Reuse: Waste Hierarchy Steps Before Waste Collection

A Pires, G Martinho, S Rodrigues, MI Gomes – Sustainable Solid Waste Collection and …, 2019
… Awareness campaigns about sustainable consumption in the way that could promote
the acquisition of goods that can be used for such a long time are another type of
instrument. The awareness concerning sustainable consumption is relevant …
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[HTML] Product Service Systems: A Sustainable Design Strategy for SMEs in the Textiles and Leather Sectors

T Bhamra, RJ Hernandez, Y Rapitsenyane… – She Ji: The Journal of …, 2018
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[PDF] Effect of Tourism Pressure on the Mediterranean Diet Pattern

S Rodríguez-Mireles, B López-Valcárcel… – Nutrients, 2018
Despite proposed conceptual frameworks of eating behaviors, little is known
about environmental factors contributing to changes in food habits. Few studies
have reported the external influence of tourism on the inhabitants’ eating …
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Environmental Sustainability Issues Regarding Nordic Food Production

F Silvenius, E Bar – Nutritional and Health Aspects of Food in Nordic …, 2018
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A transitional perspective of global and regional mineral material flows

Y Baninla, M Zhang, Y Lu, R Liang, Q Zhang, Y Zhou… – … Conservation and Recycling, 2019
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Preparation for Reusing, Recycling, Recovering, and Landfilling: Waste Hierarchy Steps After Waste Collection

A Pires, G Martinho, S Rodrigues, MI Gomes – Sustainable Solid Waste Collection and …, 2019
… opportunities and barriers in the furniture and clothing industries. In: Ekström KM
(ed) Waste management and sustainable consumption – reflections on consumer
waste. Routledge, OxonGoogle Scholar. Hogland W, Marques M …
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Life cycle assessment as a decision-making tool for selecting building systems in heritage intervention: Case study of Roman Theatre in Itálica, Spain

JCG de Cózar, AG Martínez, ÍA López, MR Alfonsea – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Sustainable supply chain modeling and analysis: Past debate, present problems and future challenges

P Ghadimi, C Wang, MK Lim – Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 2019
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Effects of Korean and US Consumers’ Environmental Concern on Green Restaurant Patronage Intention

N Joo, SS Hwang, J Yoon – 동아시아식생활학회지, 2018
… social and environmental benefits (Peattie K 2001). In addition, environmentally
friendly consumption activities are related to green consumption and sustainable
consumption. Eco-friendly consumption behavior is about making …
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From seafood waste to active seafood packaging: An emerging opportunity of the circular economy

K de la Caba, P Guerrero, TS Trung, M Cruz, JP Kerry… – Journal of Cleaner …, 2018
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Marine Protected Areas: Attempting the Sustainability of the Seas

D Rodríguez-Rodríguez – World Seas: an Environmental Evaluation, 2019
… Also, greater environmental awareness and willingness to act are shown
among increasingly larger sectors of developed and developing nations,
although better environmental attitudes do not necessarily translate into more …
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Using a Serious Game for the Practical Learning of Productive and Environmental Efficiencies

JS García, A Muñoz-Villamizar, E Viles, M Ormazabal – Engineering Digital …, 2019
… Therefore, the concept of sustainable consumption and production has emerged as
an overarching objective and as an essential requirement for a better understanding
of sustainable development (Ülkü and Hsuan 2017). Sustainable …
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Sustainable Product Design: A Review

O Taware, S Kumbhar – Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology, 2018
… Toward a scientific framework for sustainability life cycle analysis. Polym Degrad Stab.
2010; 95: 422–428p. Hertwich EG. Life cycle approaches to sustainable consumption:
A critical review. Environ Sci Technol. 2005; 39 (13): 4673–4684p …
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A L’Hostis, E Chalkia, MT de la Cruz, B Müller, I Keseru – Towards User-Centric …, 2019
… A “sustainable consumption” culture emerges among citizens and firms tend to conform
to social and environmental rules and approaches: corporate responsibility, circular
economy, life cycle assessment (Petersen et al. 2009) …
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[PDF] Transitioning to a circular economy–the role of innovation

JN Zvimba, E Musvoto – Water Wheel, 2018
… and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) and its
attainment will be reliant upon contributing to and benefiting from the
attainment of other SDGs, most notably in the context of the circular economy …
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Exploring agricultural development and climate adaptation in northern Australia under climatic risks

S Mathew, B Zeng, KK Zander, RK Singh – The Rangeland Journal, 2018
… Efficient use of resources is central to sustainable consumption and production …
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[PDF] Exploring the Phenomenon of Zero Waste and Future Cities

J Hannon, A Zaman – Urban Science, 2018
The evolving phenomenon of zero waste encompasses the theory, practice,
and learning of individuals, families, businesses, communities, and government
organisations, responding to perceptions of crisis and failure around …
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Metal-organic framework MIL-100 (Fe) as a novel moisture buffer material for energy-efficient indoor humidity control

X Feng, M Qin, S Cui, C Rode – Building and Environment, 2018
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[PDF] Understanding Farmers’ Perceptions and Behaviors towards Farmland Quality Change in Northeast China: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

H Liu, X Luo – Sustainability, 2018
Farmland protection is the most important land science research issue in
developing countries, especially in China, due to serious land degradation.
This paper aimed to reveal the causal chain among driving factors, farmers’ …
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Assessment of Passenger Requirements Along the Door-to-Door Travel Chain

U Kluge, A Paul, M Urban, H Ureta – Towards User-Centric Transport in Europe, 2019
This chapter discusses the current and future demand side as well as the
future supply side of the European (air) transport market, taking an
intermodal, user-centric and data driven approach. After…
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[PDF] Service perception: A quantitative analysis of Norwegian service providers perception of international tourists

TA Gjesteland – 2018
… intentions to stay or lodge in a green restaurant. Other areas that attitudes
have been seen to have connections are sustainable consumption, travel
mode choice or energy conservation. Regarding this study, it is evident …
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[PDF] Leveraging Legacy and Economic Motivations: Increasing Support to Address Climate Change

I Rappoport – 2018
Page 1. Leveraging Legacy and Economic Motivations: Increasing Support
to Address Climate Change Master’s Thesis Presented to The Faculty of
the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Brandeis University Department …
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The Use of Heuristics in Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

M Raue, SG Scholl – Psychological Perspectives on Risk and Risk Analysis, 2018
When making decisions under risk and uncertainty, people often rely
on heuristics. A heuristic is a simple decision rule that allows one to make
judgments without integrating all the information…
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[PDF] The visible hands: An ethnographic inquiry into the emergence of food collectives as a social practice for exchange

G Kallio – 2018
Page 1. THE VISIBLE HANDS An ethnographic inquiry into the emergence
of food collectives as a social practice for exchange Galina Kallio Galina
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[PDF] Transformation of Asian Cities Towards Sustainability

P King, S Teoh, T Maeda – Realising the Transformative Potential of the SDGs
Page 105. Chapter 4 Transformation of Asian Cities Towards Sustainability Peter
King, Shom Teoh, Toshizo Maeda, and Mark Elder 81 Page 106. 82 Page 107.
Chapter 4 Transformation of Asian Cities Towards Sustainability …
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[HTML] Large-Scale Mining and Social Conflicts: Analysis of Southern Ecuador

P Massa-Sánchez, R del Cisne Arcos, D Maldonado
… 67, no. 5. Hobson, K. (2013), “Weak” or “Strong” Sustainable Consumption? Efficiency,
Degrowth, and the 10 Year Framework of Programmes. Recovered from: <http://citeseerx.>. DOI= …
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[PDF] Plastic Waste Prevention in Gothenburg

Page 1. Plastic Waste Prevention in Gothenburg A case study of current state and feasible
measures to move up the waste hierarchy JOHANNA OLOVSSON Master’s thesis in
Industrial Ecology FABIAN HEIN Master’s thesis in Sustainable Energy Systems …
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[HTML] Book Review. Social Enterprise Model

K Bachnik, JS Samolej
… Social Initiatives in Food Consumption and Distribution as Part of Sustainable Consumption
and Sharing Economy … The paper presents four chosen social initiatives in Poland that
refer to a sustainable consumption philosophy and collaborative consumption …
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Neighbourhood influences on organic buying

C Martínez‐de‐Ibarreta, C Valor – International Journal of Consumer Studies, 2018
… However, in view of mounting evidence of social effects on sustainable
consumption, this paper aims to enrich our understanding of the determinants
of organic demand by introducing neighbourhood effects in buying models; …
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[PDF] Drivers of sustainable consumption in a developing Sub-Saharan African setting: Nigerian academic staff perspective

S Ukenna, EC Idoko, ME Ogbari – Int. J. Sustainable Society, 2018
Sustainable consumption behaviour is silently becoming a pivotal phenomenon in
Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan Africa countries which arguably is affecting purchase
patterns. Despite the amazing growing interest in sustainable consumption, minimal …
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Paving the way for sustainable remanufacturing in Southeast Asia: An analysis of auto parts markets

M Matsumoto, K Chinen, H Endo – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
… Abstract. The consumption of products, including automobiles, has been
increasing rapidly in Asian developing and transition (D&T) countries,
and appropriate diffusion of remanufacturing in the region is necessary …
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[PDF] Not (B) interested? Using Persuasive Technology to Promote Sustainable Household Recycling Behaviour: An Identification and Implementation of Key Elements with …

C Bremer – 2018
Page 1. Not (B)interested? Using Persuasive Technology to Promote Sustainable
Household Recycling Behaviour An Identification and Implementation of Key Elements
with Focus on Young Adults in Sweden Christina Bremer …
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Sex disaggregation alone will not energize equality

S Bradshaw – Nature Energy, 2018
… In the corporate sector women’s leadership is said to result in improved
business performance 1,2 , while in the home women make more
sustainable consumption choices 3 . In the field of research and …
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[PDF] ICT-Enabled Sharing Economy and Environmental Sustainability—A Resourceoriented Approach

MJ Pouri, LM Hilty – Proceedings of the EnviroInfo, 2018
… Advances in Intelli- gent Systems and Computing 310, Springer, Cham (2015). 9.
Briceno, T., Peters, G., Solli, C., Hertwich, E.: Using life cycle approaches to evaluate
sustainable consumption programs: car-sharing. Reports …
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Fuel Consumption in road transport: a comparative study of China and OECD countries

T Wang, B Lin – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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The impact of free-floating carsharing on sustainable cities: analysis of first experiences in Madrid with the University Campus

M Ampudia-Renuncio, B Guirao, R Molina – Sustainable Cities and Society, 2018
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[PDF] Enhancing Green Building Rating of a School under the Hot Climate of UAE; Renewable Energy Application and System Integration

J Al Dakheel, K Tabet Aoul, A Hassan – Energies, 2018
Similar to many fast growing countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
witnessed fast population and urbanization growth. The building sector
accounts for a major share of its electricity consumption, reaching up to 70 …
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Higher education for sustainable development: actioning the global goals in policy, curriculum and practice

I Franco, O Saito, P Vaughter, J Whereat, N Kanie… – Sustainability Science, 2018
Page 1. Vol.:(0123456789) 1 3 Sustainability Science
018-0628-4 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Higher education for sustainable development:
actioning the global goals in policy, curriculum and practice …
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[PDF] Green Procurement in Construction Industry: A Theoretical Perspective of Enablers and Barriers

MWA Khan, NH Ting, LC Kuang, MR Darun, U Mehfooz… – MATEC Web of …, 2018
… organizations. It will directly increase the level of customer satisfaction, and then as
a key factor to maintain customer retention. Besides that, it will lead the contractor to
the sustainable consumption of the resources. The government …
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[PDF] Agroecology in Canada: Towards an Integration of Agroecological Practice, Movement, and Science

M Isaac, S Isakson, B Dale, C Levkoe, S Hargreaves… – Sustainability, 2018
This article surveys the current state of agroecology in Canada, giving
particular attention to agroecological practices, the related social movements,
and the achievements of agroecological science. In each of these realms …
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Generation of food waste in the hospitality and food retail and wholesale sectors: lessons from developed economies

A Chalak, C Abou-Daher, MG Abiad – Food Security, 2018
… humor. The motto of the site is BI buy a product, I buy its waste^ and thus provides
the public with information on waste generation including food waste along with
solutions for sustainable consumption patterns (Lords 2014) …
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Behavioral instruments in renewable energy and the role of big data: A policy perspective

S Giest, I Mukherjee – Energy Policy, 2018
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Outsourcing natural resource requirements within China

Y Zhang, L Shao, X Sun, M Han, X Zhao, J Meng… – Journal of Environmental …, 2018
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Roles of intermediaries in supporting eco-innovation

W Kanda, O Hjelm, J Clausen, D Bienkowska – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018
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Evaluating Complexity

A Mitchell – Second-order Learning in Developmental Evaluation, 2019
The findings from evaluations of community-based sustainability and
international developmental aid initiatives are generally disappointing.
Mitchell reviews the literature and concludes that the…
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Beyond Threshold Approaches to Extreme Heat: repositioning adaptation as everyday practice

E Oppermann, Y Strengers, C Maller, L Rickards… – Weather, Climate, and …, 2018
… These have generally been in 113 relation to mitigation and sustainable consumption
(Shove et al., 2012; Shove and Spurling, 114 2013; Spaargaren, 2011; Spaargaren
et al., 2016) or broadening resilience to energy and 115 …
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[PDF] The Role of Technology in Developing Markets: The Experiences and Challenges of Ghana

MO Antwi, Z Lulin – Canadian Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 2018
Page 1. CAJAST104-183-3 |Received: 15 February 2018 | Accepted: 01
April 2018 | January-February-2018 [(6)1: 100-107] CANADIAN JOURNAL
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