Leipzig (2014)

Degrowth and Sustainable Consumption – Inspiration for mutual learning

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Vadovics, E., Lorek, S. and Bublies, G. (Eds) (2014) Degrowth and Sustainable Consumption – Inspiration for mutual learning. SCORAI Europe Workshop Proceedings: SCORAI Europe Workshop held at the 4. Degrowth Conference, September, 2014, Leipzig, Germany. Sustainable Consumption Transitions Series, Issue 4.

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Degrowth cannot be achieved without a commitment to strong sustainable consumption. At the same time, the potential for strong sustainable consumption governance depends on greater societal acceptance of degrowth, including policy makers and voters. Advancing strong sustainable consumption research and governance can thus add weight to degrowth arguments, and vice versa.

The SCORAI sessions held at the Degrowth 2014 conference in Leipzig, Germany, therefore intended to enhance exchange and learning between the Sustainable Consumption and the Degrowth research communities, specifically in relation to shared research interests and common ground for advocacy and political action.

A first session introduced the Sustainable Consumption approach in order to get comments and feedback from a Degrowth perspective. Contributions elaborated

  • What a small-footprint-living is and how we can make it attractive
  • The roles for university researchers in promoting sustainability
  • Time use, resource consumption and the dematerialisation of everyday practices

A second session was organized in a less academically formalized way and devoted to learn from the experience of Degrowth researchers and the participating Degrowth activists.